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Mo Jun Seok Solo Exhibition
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Jun Seok MO
Date: 13 May - 5 Jun 2011

From a very young age, my family and I have moved many times to different places; sometimes moving only as far as the house next door. I regard a house, regardless of the form as a tool that separates interior space from external space. A house offers safety and protection but at the same time it separates one from others. Due to the experience of moving so often, house became neither a possession nor boundary but a place and space for communication.
To live together harmoniously either as a family or as a group of individuals, we much focus on consideration for others. To do so we must empty ourselves from opinions and makes ourselves of no reputation. Having done this and taking a step backwards, we allow others to come in -thus we become united therefore creating the opportunity for sharing.
In my village which I constructed using copper wire, bothe the interior and exterior buildings are visible, illustrating that externally there are many buildings but internally there is only one space. Thus we can see that although people differ both in characteristics and appearance, when we understand eadh other we can act with one heart and exist as a community. I hae used stained glass to emphasize the originality within the unity of our existence together. We may empty ourselves but retain our individual identity. My work intends to illustrate the houses with empty inner space enabling one to move around freely and the houses gathered together creating a village. 
-Artist’s note

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