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Flowers of the Moon
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sebastian SCHUTYSER
Date: 8 Jul - 31 Jul 2010

In the heart of Africa, on top of the equator, and more than 5,000 meters above sea level, lies an ice-capped massif with a mythical resonance: the Mountains of the Moon. The mind-tickling idea of such a wondrous thing as eternal snow in equatorial Africa, and the sheer inaccessibility of these mountain, have added an air of mystery to the mists and clouds that constantly veil it. The Rwenzori Mountains are well known for their extravagant plants. At higher elevations, certain species grow unusually large owing to powerful equatorial sunlight at daytime and the chills of snow at night. Combined with wild and jagged landscapes, this ‘botanical big game’ evokes a primaeval atmosphere. Sebastian Schutyser captures undented, pure nature exquisitely with infrared black and white film. By eradicating the most colors instead putting heavy emphasis on both details and textures of the subject, his works not only please the eye but also deliver an important message about the nature, human beings and a disastrous reality.

Gallery SUN Contemporary is pleased to present an exhibition of 18 silver gelatin prints by Belgian photographer Sebastian Schutyser from July 8, 2010. Schutyser who has been pursuing his unique photographic world in terms of interpretation of his carefully chosen subject from nature and/or cultural heritages introduces a rather unfamiliar land of ‘snowy Africa’ through this exhibition Flowers of the Moon.
Schutyser’s works consist of photographic expeditions which explore the prudently selected objects and endure on the road until the right time comes. At the moment Sebastian Schutyser is working on a long-term project in Spain.


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