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Familiar Landscape
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sang Ik SEO
Date: 18 Jul - 4 Aug 2013

Sang Ik Seo has created a natural and solid scene as combining personal stories with a realistic space. Mostly, His work tells his personal interests. In first solo exhibition 'Meting afternoon', his favorite pop cultural factors, like movie, music and TV program, were showed to make own fun story, and he used an apartment or a museum as a background for the second exhibition 'Circus', which expresses a little piece of feeling and thoughts he feels unconsciously. Also, unlike early works, 'Museum' series is more about others' stories and there is moment or motif, which gives a feeling to walk in his art works to the audience.

The new exhibition 'Familiar Landscape' doesn't change the story or form significantly, but expression mode is freer and more flexible. And while the previous works focused on making the story, this time he explains it with a scene itself without any special narratives.  And different types of doors can be found in his works. The door changes a familiar space into unfamiliar fantastical one. This is to tell the moment, when facing with limit or change in his life. Also, the artist says that color means 'life' or 'move' and black means 'death' or 'standstill'. Again the door is where images of 'move' and 'standstill' meet. If we approach to our daily life with the different view, we will encounter the unfamiliar moment. As showing it through the work, the artist invites us to the non-conventional world.

Courtesy of Gallery Sun Contemporary 

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