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Unexpected Encounters
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Serge BLOCH, Mireille VAUTIER
Date: 12 Apr - 5 May 2013

Gallery Sun Contemporary is pleased to introduce the exhibition of French artists, Serge Bloch, showing simple but fascinating line drawing in a book, advertisement, and animation, and Mireille Vautier, his wife and the installation artist. 

Serge Bloch's works can be found in hundreds of picture book and daily print media. He collects small but meaningful objects, such as beautiful thing in daily life or trip, dropped train tickets or fragments from an old equipment. These elements form a part of art work with line drawing. Drawing is also improvised following wherever a tool moves, so that his work is full of freewheelingness and wit. The audience feel bigger expectation and romance from his work, which looks like unintended our lives. In terms of topic, he doesn't try to make up a story but reflects everyday life, like the relationships or emotions, as it is. 

Unlike Serge Bloch, Mireille Vautier uses red color, representing blood or sex, plastic bag, paper or thread, which have conflicting characteristics. Since 2006, she has worked with embroidering on a book, plastic bag, and cotton. Rather than completing something, she focuses on a process of work, and experience and memory in the passage of time. As reflecting personal experience and thoughts, her works show a part of the artist or pieces of memories.

Serge Bloch and Mireille Vautier present different style and subject but take a common view in terms of free spirit and expressing as simple colour and shape. 

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