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by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Alexander ANTADZE
Date: 14 Feb - 3 Mar 2013

Gallery Sun Contemporary is pleased to introduce Alexander Antadze's solo exhibition. He was born in Georgia, located in South Caucasus and East part of the Black Sea, and it is one of Independent States from the Soviet Union since 1992. This exhibition is to introduce Caucasian culture and art, and his 42 works showing positive energy and happiness will be displayed. Recently, the world of art turns attention to South America, South East Asia and Caucasus. Many curators in Chelsea, New York invited the artists from South East Asia and European galleries introduced Caucasian artists last year.

Georgia has had unique cultural identity since the 4th century B.C. Especially T'bilisi, the capital city, is where the Eastern and Western cultures coexist. Alexander Antadze is affected by this characteristic. In this exhibition, he shows many animals living in the nature of T'bilisi. Objects in multiple colours on canvas represent happiness in different expressions. This is so far from the reality surrounding his life. He feels doubts about the social conflicts but thinks of his mission as the artist at the same time. He focuses on little happiness, fun and their value. The objects in his works show pure smile without wariness or hostility the animal has in the reality. As caricatured animal painting reflects on people's positive mind for their lives, it brings happiness to audience. He calls his works "Paintings that love you", so that wants to solace people's minds living in the tough world.

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