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Space Illusion
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Myung Keun KOH
Date: 19 Jan - 10 Feb 2013

Myung Keun Koh, the sculptor who has built the new genre ‘Sculptured photo-collage’ using various ways, will open the new exhibition ‘Space Illusion’ at Gallery Sun Contemporary. The artist makes layered lucent photos on a three-dimensional polyhedron, and he shows 12 works about nature and building.

His work is based on three-dimensional architecture. He started photographing a common scene, old buildings, in New York. Since late 1980s, he has picked up images among them and printed on OHP film. And then, he has pressed layered images to a plexiglass, and made them as a structure by connecting edges using an iron. During a process, objects are mixed and combined together by the artist’s intention.

This multidimensional collage is from transparency of material he chooses. OHP film projects images which look like one image. Many sheets of images in one space pervade a surface embracing the air calmly, so that it gives various experiences to audience.

Myung Keun Koh records impression of a space he saw as a photo and stuffs it as making a sculpture. Impression in head is changed and forgotten in terms of time, but landscape in his virtual space is remained as real. The important point is that it becomes an image layering in a work, and photos composing a structure are actually from different location and time. Again, his work is a combination of many space time, and space illusion made of existence.

With transparency in material and images reflected memory, another fact leading to fantasy is the empty inside. Because his three-dimensional sculpture makes of two-dimensional materials, absence of matter occurs inside naturally. Landscape on surface haunts like vision, but anything can’t be touched. As going against a reason of space to fill it, his space exists to empty.

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