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Artist's Statement
I studied architecture at university, and I came to be interested in the common field of architecture and art rather than in the orthodox architecture.
I carried out a project called "Tama River Project" to raise an issue towards very conventional education of the university, in which we are taught with less practical. I placed compartments for couples at regular distance at the bank of Tama River where couples usually sit keeping some distance each other. The wall of the compartment has pictograms of man and woman clipped and encloses a bench for 2 people. I placed 5 and a week later I even found a used condom there.
After that project, I got more interested in involving people I come across in the city into my work. I have been putting my works in the middle of the city from a viewpoint of affordance*, by reading the context of the site by architectural technique. I think some tactics are necessary for involving people just passing. It is why I have used motifs such as money, sex, office worker, mass media and cigarette that are popular and familiar to the public, as traps to draw attentions of passersby. I always think out about all the components of a project, from the plot and the situation to details of invitation cards. I also make my project functional, which is very architectural, to let people feel easy to use or try it.
It is only when people are involved that I consider my work to be completed. To make the devices is only preliminary for me to a completed work. I think my work is different from peaceful one that is common in so-called "communication art" or conventional "interactive art", as it puts people trapped to use in the work. It creates a reverse of standpoints of the viewer and the artist; the artist watches the viewer and the viewer is watched. After all, the viewer comes to face himself.
I mean I don't just present my work on the media. I create a fourdimensional situation, involving the viewers in the work, and take it as a media.

affordance :
An affordance is the quality of an object, or an environment, that allows an individual to perform action. The term is used in a variety of fields: perceptual psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, industrial design, human-computer interaction (HCI), interaction design and artificial intelligence.

(Reference) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affordance



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