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Kido Press
3331 Arts Chiyoda 204
Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 〒101-0021 Japan   map * 
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Royal Blend
by Kido Press
Location: Kido Press
Artist(s): Takiguchi
Date: 1 Jun - 6 Jul 2013

Kido Press presents an exhibition of the works by “Takiguchi”. Takiguchi is a distinctive unit which consists of two artists, Masahito Taki and Noboru Mizoguchi. They have been active since 2009 and have produced a number of works.

Their works are composed of various “fragmental images” accumulated in the memories of the two artists. Carefully choosing and arranging those images over and over, they weave their works. In the process, certain people or phenomena, symbolic letters, colors or shapes are exchanged like words. The images keep transforming through this visual conversation.

With the ironical and humorous perspective of Takiguchi, the resurrected images put in a different light the stereotypes that are deeply rooted in our everyday life. The chief attraction of Takiguchi lies in its playful and charming point of view, which also has a sense of slyness but without being too caustic. Eight new paintings will be included in the exhibition.

Artist’s Comment
Some things unexpectedly catch your attention. In this highly technological age, we can check on those things simply by searching on the internet. We can duplicate the fragmental images that have unconsciously been stored in our memories, and the reproduced images sometimes make us wonder why they caught our attention in the first place. What Takiguchi captures are those forgotten images quietly sitting in the corner of our mind.

Courtesy of Kido Press

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