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Nichido contemporary art
Da Vinci Kyobashi B1,
4-3-3 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0032. Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3555 2140     fax: +81 3 3555 2140
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Season's Greeting - nca selection Vol.3
by Nichido contemporary art
Location: nichido Contemporary Art
Artist(s): Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry, Vik MUNIZ, Masahito KOSHINAKA, Kent HENRICKSEN
Date: 12 Jan - 30 Jan 2010

nca is pleased to announce their annual group exhibition “nca selection Vol.3”. 

nca has been introducing both domestic and foreign contemporary art since 2002, particularly focusing on video works and photography. Since 2008, we have started an annual group exhibition titled “nca selection” which presents a wider diversity of genres of contemporary art. 

“nca selection Vol.3”, the first featured exhibition at nca | nichido contemporary art in 2010, concerns contemporary environmental issues surrounding us and our social responsibility. Focusing on several artists representative of nca | nichido contemporary art as well as other international ones, the show attempts to expose those problems with which we are confronted in this present age, collective memories of the past, and questions for the future from various viewpoints/approaches of the artists who use different mediums such as video work, painting, photography and mixed media.
We would be grateful if the viewer could hear their voices through their works and take steps towards making our future brighter. We very much appreciate your participation in the exhibition. 


Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry
Work and live in New York. They collaboratively work since 1998. Their works often incorporate with the polemical issues about social minorities. The “White wash” series which they recently created was inspired by the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the memory of the artists. Among numerous exhibitions they have participated are New Orleans Biennial, Prospect 1, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya and Galerie Nordine (Paris).


Vik Muniz
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961. Works and lives in New York. Making use of images from historic masterpieces, he gives new aspects of the value on various materials. Among the latest exhibitions are Museu de Arte Moderna (Rio de Janeiro), Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya whilst Metropolitan Museum (New York) and gallery Xippas are currently holding his shows.


Masahito Koshinaka
Born in Osaka in 1979. Works and lives in Kyoto. He uses different materials to seek his unique expression and his central themes are “group” and “individual”, and recently “time” which was firstly incorporated in the “double word” series. He had a solo show at nca | nichido contemporary art in 2008 and also has participated in a large number of group exhibitions and art fairs included the Echigo-tsumari triennial 2009 and Art Fair Tokyo.

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