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In the summer of 2007, through the introduction of Nobby (NOBBY) at Universal, I went to Café Pleasaurant in Tomigaya. I was introduced to NOBBY by Morton in Hawaii. Morton is an old friend of mine of more than 20 years who I used to work with at a live house a while back now.

After a great meal, we were chatting with the Chef, Tokio about a type of place you can enjoy great live music with a wonderful meal but yet feel right at home and relaxed. There were three years searching for the right spot for this idea. The casual but extremely friendly way of service in America, the need to nurture new band and musicians, then we started to realize that we had the same values in our ideas about work.

After our first encounter, we had numerous amount of meetings and Tokio introduced me to Mura, who did the interior, Sato the chef, and Nakajima, the bar manager. Our roadie Kato introduced me to Mr. Kato who did the PA, and finally, my old acquaintances Matsu and Robin joined the team. We found the place in Nishi Azabu 4 Chome. It is the building produced by Shi Yu Chen who also did that legendary restaurant, China Club in LA in 1980!!

I took the name Sweet Emotion from the Aerosmith song. I got advice from Emma and Heesey, both Aerosmith freaks. From a lot of songs they listed, I chose this song because I thought the lyrics were about creating a team.

Aerosmith are one of my favorite bands. Of course, I like their music but I like their background story, how they started and the way they are now. Aerosmith members were all childhood friends and they became the icon of 70’s rock music. But one after the other, band members dropped out at the summit of their careers! It wasn’t long before people started to forget about the band. However, the band reformed with the original members in 1984 and produced hit after hit and they are now one of the most well-known rock bands of America.

I have realized that you can’t do everything on your own but if you have a team, you can become strong and create much bigger things. I want to make a place with my friends who share the same ethos where everyone can come and enjoy. Our aim is to pursue “quality” just because we feel people are feeling lost. Our aim is to create something that neither one person nor a huge society can do. Our passion is quality and it is this each staff member of Sweet Emotion would like to share.

This is how we got together and I am very much looking forward to the days beyond the opening of Sweet Emotion. Please come and have fun.

2009.autumn      Sweet Emotion Tsunemasa Ohmori

- Great quality music for all times of the day
- Stunning PA and sound system
- Stage for creators to perform
- A great relaxing atmosphere to hang out, and adult’s Third Place
- From Lunch to early in the morning, good tasting and healthy food


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