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Nroom artspace, both an exhibition space and a home, was established by renovating a small two-story house built 37 years ago. It holds regular exhibitions representing artists that make steady efforts to pursue a unique creative style unswayed by trends and fads.

Nroom artspace is located in a residential area slightly far from the city center, making it somewhat difficult for guests to visit and see the artwork. Moreover, because it is an art space that was transformed from a living environment, one might say that the room for display is insufficient.

Nonetheless, it is because of these qualities that Nroom artspace fosters spontaneous decisions, perspectives, and relationships with art. In proposing ways for a wide audience to interact openly with contemporary art, Nroom artspace helps to build new connections and relationships that can only be uniquely born within the confines of its space. We hope that this small and humble space that was created from the room of a house will provide a new means of bringing together people and art.

Across the long span of art history, what can art today accomplish? And in what direction is it going? Together with contemporary artists of our time, Nroom artspace strives to explore hints to understanding the myriad of wonders surrounding a new generation of art. 


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