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Since I started drawing at age four until today I have kept up faithful to this path. My personal creed is:”Drawing is thought”. Drawing is a practice for expressing my own ideas, feelings, dreams, fear and obsessions in a creative way.

I strive to communicate ideas displaying a poetical visualization. The intellectual experience about translating my own spiritual background rooted in Cuban culture as well as my interpretation of painting, Art history and literature with elements taken from different cultures across eastern and western traditions in a blend of image and imagination driven into the borderlands of fantasy and reality, creating a playful imagery in this steady confrontation is the result of my work.

My images pursue to affect the audience emotionally. I like working with subjects that somehow touch upon his behavior and values system in order to induce them toward a critical reflection of reality. My drawings work as small universes in which the political allusions get in tension with a disturbing eroticism generating new meanings, all combined through fantasy and humor. My eccentric use of watercolor and other oriental techniques could be only understood as a personal language to engage in a dialogue with the audience for as a Cuban artist based in Japan,( due to this reason) I have started developing a kind of peculiar sensibility.   


Ernesto Jorge Ferriol Perez, 1971 Holguin City. Cuba.

-Vocational School of Art “Raul Gomez Garcia”, Holguin City. 1985.
-Professional School of Art “EL ALBA”, Holguin City. 1989.
-Mayor in Painting at Fine Arts Institute “I.S.A.” Havana City. 1995.
-Member of the Union of writers and Artists of Cuba. U.N.E.A.C. Holguin City.
-Currently living and working in Osaka City, Japan since 2003.


-“PARADISE FOR YOUNG PAINTERS”. Press House. Holguin City, Cuba. May 1997
-“AT A STROKE OF THE BRUSH”. Guantanamo Center of Art. Guantanamo City, Cuba. February 1998
-“DARE TO DREAM”. Iberoamerica House. Holguin City, Cuba. July 1999
-“WITNESS OF YOUR DARKEST RIVERS” Illustrating twenty-one Cuban poets.(part I). Iberoamerica House. Holguin City, Cuba. July 1999
-“WITNESS OF YOUR DARKEST RIVERS”. Illustrating twenty-one Cuban poets. (part 2). Holguin Center of Art. Holguin City, Cuba. October 1999
-“ERNESTO FERRIOL IN THE KINGDOM OF WATERCOLOR”.Caixa Pened’es.  Aula de Cultura.  Sant Vicent Dels Horts, Barcelona, Spain. July 2000
-“MARTIN BUCKINGHAM AND ERNESTO FERRIOL”. Gallery Mayha. Takatsuki, Osaka. Japan. July 2004
-“CREATIVE  SPACES: THE WORK OF ERNESTO FERRIOL AND MISS HEIDI”. The Mecca Collective. Saint Marys, Ohio. USA. May 2005
“A ROMANTIC JOURNEY”. Gallery Mayha. Takatsuki, Osaka. Japan. July 2005
-“PLEASURES, PRAYERS AND LIES”. Marziart Internationale Galerie. Hamburg. Germany. November 2006
-“FERRIOL EROTICO”. Gallery Mayha. Takatsuki, Osaka. Japan. November 2007
-“MADE FOR FILMMAKERS”. Promo-Arte Project Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. March 2009
-“ESPEJISMOS DE ALCOBA” .(Mirages in the bedroom) Gallery Mayha. Takatsuki, Osaka. Japan. March 2010



-“NO VALEN GUAYABAS VERDES”. Collateral Fifth Havana Biennial. Fine Arts Institute “I.S.A.” Havana city, Cuba. May 1994
-“PRIZE OF THE CITY SALON”. Holguin Center of Art. Holguin City, Cuba. January 1998, 1999.
-“II CONTEMPORARY CUBAN ART SALON”. National Visual Arts Council. Havana City, Cuba. November 1998
“THE 17th,18th, 19th KYOTO ART FESTIVAL”. Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Kyoto City, Japan. October 2003-2005
-“THE 35th HUMAN BIENG EXHIBITION” (Jinten). Osaka Municipal Museum of Art. Osaka City, Japan. March 2007
-“THE 59th SANKI EXHIBITION”. National Art Center. Tokyo City, Japan. May 2007
-“HEARTLAND KARUIZAWA DRAWING BIENNALE 2007”. Wakita Museum of Art. Japan. June-August 2007
-“THE 32nd SETTSU CITY EXHIBITION”. Settsu City Art Space. Japan. October 2007
-“THE 69th KANSAI WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION” .Osaka Municipal Museum of Art. Osaka City, Japan. March 2008-2010



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