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Aiming to be a Reliable Art Dealer

Since 1996, we have challenged ourselves to provide art in order to enrich the lives of everyone. We have been providing joy and have moved the hearts of many people, while meeting the needs of customers who request good quality art, not by just simply passing artwork from artist to customer nor from one person to another, but by carefully selecting fine works of art for individual customers, which satisfy each one of them. We think that the age of art dealers simply offering art as merchandise is over. We deeply hope that all our customers, including people who are looking at this web site and those who have any connection with us, have a fulfilled heart and a happy life.

Aiming to be a Worldwide Gallery

There is a long history of “Art Merchants” in Japan since the Edo era, and they always served different functions at different periods of time. Since the opening of “Seizan Gallery” in Ginza Tokyo, we have been able to help the growth and expansion of artists of today and to introduce works of art inside and outside of Japan in the best condition to customers.
We are willing to provide more opportunities to introduce new artists of the world, through our regular displays and special exhibitions, and we continue to offer art that people desire to view or buy. We would like to adapt our gallery to modern society by thinking “outside the box” and establish a new business model. We are aiming to become a global gallery in the world of art.

Aiming to be a Helpful Art Consultant

It is our job to give consultation to customers concerning inheritance of artwork. We evaluate inherited artwork with the understanding that each piece has a personal connection to the customer. We provide the best service we can with sincerity for any kind of consultation. We take care of the entire process for you from judging whether or not a piece is authentic, to evaluating, sorting, and selling the works of art and crafts which your family has owned from generation to generation.
We also provide advice for co-ordinating paintings and crafts for the interior design of your home.
It is our corporation’s philosophy to freely provide our knowledge for customers to utilize. We are always happy to assist you in every way we can.


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