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"void+" is an experimental art space run by a design studio, "Azone+Associates".

We have a gallery space that curates contemporary art exhibitions from a unique point of view, as well as a salon like space where people from various fields get together and communicate. Based in these two distinctive spaces, we have been organizing various activities related to art.


"Void" means "empty space", and "+" means "sum = plus".

In Japanese, we describe "+" as "WA". The Chinese character for "WA" represents tranquility, relaxation, and harmonious communication.


void+ doesn't have a specific hue. We are aiming the spaces to be neutral, the space hue changes from time to time according to the relationships with people around and in the space. Escaped from the bustle of main streets, the time passes slowly at this place. In this environment, we are looking for new possibilities in the creativity being free from the existing fields.




The space is only a seven-square-meter small white cubic space with the tension and depth similar to a Japanese tea ceremony room.


With artists who expand unlimited ideas in this minimal space, we organize four to five exhibitions every year.




This is the space for <gathering>, to spend salon-like communication and thinking time. 


We organize various projects at this space, e.g. talk shows or lectures by the exhibiting artists, performance and workshops. With such activities, we are forming a solid and broad network. We also have a small bar space to welcome people who just drop in. 




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