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IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio
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by IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio
Location: IT Park Gallery
Artist(s): Joyce HO
Date: 15 Nov - 13 Dec 2014

On my first day of arrival to the Glenffidich Distillery, Andy gave me a tour of the distillery after everything was settled.

Upon the end of the tour, we came to the bonded warehouse. Passing through the walkway in the warehouse, we were faced with wallsvof cast with different years of distribution labeled on the cast ends. Looking at walls of casts, I recalled that before my departure, I was told that Andy had written a thesis about whisky and women as well as the relationship between private brewing and witches…looking at these cast ends with the historical context, I was overblown with images passing through my mind, and I came up with the possibility of using these cast ends to create artworks along with symbolic references of the history of women and whisky. In addition exploring different historical content of the casts, I attempted to recreate the contextof “Branding” using my images and the history of the material.

During the period of the residency, artists were placed in individual houses in Dufftown. When we walk out from the house, we were confronted with endless of landscape besides the distillery. Living in the environment that was distinctly different for Taipei, my perception of indoor and/or outdoor, private and public spaces were often challenged, and the particular aura changed my reception of the passingof time, and the orders of rituals of daily life were also converted. In my solo exhibition, I hoped to capture the displacement of space and time with my video installations. 

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