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IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio
2/F Yi Tong Street
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Now Is Nowhere by Ting Chaong-Wen
by IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio
Location: IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio
Date: 2 Aug - 30 Aug 2014

IT Park Gallery & Photo Studio is pleased to open a solo exhibition of Ting Chaong-Wen. 

TING is skilled in dealing with mixed media, such as space installations which mixed with images and sounds. In recent years, he tries to concern the multiple perceptions and its mediation according to plasticity and extensibility of the contemporary experimental installations through site specific arts and features.observation the synesthesia relationship between the face of the work involved in emotional substance and history, this development belongs to the individual context and eradialectical differences in the microscopic experience, he was concerned about the proposition simple resistance on the operation of the memory consciousness into the system life.

Daily life is a kind of states which distinguishes difficulty with the space and time changing. But it still can observe its slight differences by a period of time. Those differences gradually accumulated into oneself and imagination of environment. Ting try to cast psychological space into environment where depict an imaginary field and a material between physical and poetic space. Therefore, this material could show experience of itself, material and inner environment in subtle.The movement image of material like an internal reflected light which comes out from the depth of the past, returning to the modern times, and flashing back to our daily lives. Among the natural realism, spiritual ceremonies, historical archives and projective spectacle, the light moves on along the path of time. It constructs the loaders and carriers of light at the place where it passed by. The materials contained light develop its shape during the process of exercise, and become the relative subject to the question of feeling light escaping the consciousness and perception, forming a thought of un-narrative construction; that is to say, a history and existence of the movement image of material.

*image (left)
Ting Chaong-Wen
Now Is Nowhere, 2014
concrete blocks, straw
courtesy of the artist 
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