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Lin & Lin Gallery
1F, No.16, Dongfeng St.,
Taipei, Taiwan   map * 
tel: +886 2 2700 6866     fax: +886 2 2700 6766
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Lin and Lin Gallery, based in Taipei and Beijing, inherits the seventeen-year management experience of the outstanding Lin and Keng Gallery. As the founder of the Lin and Lin Gallery, Tim Lin has been engaged in the art market since the 1980s. The gallery's accumulated experience representing western modern artists and its sense of cultural mission to the Chinese contemporary art community qualify the Lin and Lin Gallery to provide accurate and helpful advice regarding art investment to collectors. 
The Lin and Keng Gallery started by representing overseas Chinese artists such as San Yu, Yun Gee, George Chann and Zao Wou-Ki, and then returned to modern Chinese masters such as Lin Fengmian, Wu Da-Yu, Guan Liang and Pang Tseng-Ying. Driven by a strong sense of cultural mission, the Lin and Keng Gallery has constructed a complete and diverse pedigree of early modern Chinese art of the 20th Century. Based on this core concept, the gallery has striven to give artists the status and position they deserve in the art historical context. These efforts have also contributed to a multi-dimensional and comprehensive representation of Chinese art history in the 20th century. Furthermore, works of many artists represented by the gallery have been collected by national museums, art foundations and collectors around the world, serving as a tacit endorsement of the gallery's efforts.
The Lin and Lin Gallery continues to hold firm to its sense of cultural mission by seeking out young and promising Chinese artists. Years of experience managing an art business have lent to our significant understanding of the important role art galleries play in the larger art world context. By cultivating the gallery's corporate image and brand, we have attracted many world-class Chinese artists such as Wang Huai Qing, Xu Jiang, Su Xiao-Bai and Liu Wei; and Taiwanese artists such as Hsiao Chin, Yang Mao-Lin, Yu Peng, Wu Tien-Chang, Su Wong-Shen, Lee Ming-Tse, Lu Hsien-Ming, Lin Ju, Chen Chieh-Jen, Kuo Wei-Kuo, Hung Tung-Lu, Tu Wei-Cheng, Liu Shih-Tung, Lai Chiu-Chen and Huang Chia-Ning. Nurturing a discerning eye for fine art which is shared among our collectors and the gallery is the foundation of our continued success.
In a post-financial-crisis world, the Lin and Lin Gallery is facing a reorganized art market, yet we still insist on our founding mission “preserving legacies, creating the classics of tomorrow,” and support our young artists by presenting their works in the international art market. More than that, the Lin and Lin Gallery promotes cultural exchange with a broadminded view of the Chinese art market.

Lin Fengmian  1900-1991
San Yu  1901-1966
Wu Da-Yu  1903-1988
Chann George  1913-1995
Zao Wou-Ki  1921-
Hsiao Chin  1935-
Tony Wong  1948-
Wang Huai Qing  1944-
Xu Jiang  1955-
Xiaobai Su  1949-
Liu Wei  1965-
Yang Mao-Lin  1953-
Wu Tien-Chang  1956-
Lu Hsien-Ming  1959-
Lin Ju  1959-
Chen Chieh-Jen  1960-
Kuo Wei-Kuo  1960-
Hung Tung-Lu  1968-
Tu Wei-Cheng  1969-
Liu Shih-Tung  1970-
Lai Chiu-Chen  1970-
Huang Chia-Ning  1979-

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri 10 am - 7 pm  Sat & Sun 11 am - 7 pm


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