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When IMAVISION Gallery was first established in 1993, we showcased the works of Russian oil painters. We also organized large exhibitions, including the exhibition held at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store in Taipei and a joint exhibition with master sculptor Yang Ying-feng. Our exhibited works were widely collected by the local collectors and Shin Kong Fine Art Museum.

In our study of the development of Chinese oil painting, we find that the art of Chinese oil painting has been deeply influenced by the complete and rigorous art education of Russia. In 1952, China sent its outstanding teachers to the St. Petersburg Art Academy to receive schooling of Russian oil painting. In 1955, the Chinese Department of Culture invited the Maksimov oil painters to Beijing to provide instructions to students in the "Maksimov Training Class" organized by the Central Art Academy. The well-trained artists and teachers from the class have since influenced the development of Chinese oil painting education profoundly.

The Chinese painters whose works IMAVISION Gallery carries are predominantly overseas Chinese painters. After China embarked on reform and opened its door, a group of Chinese painters with insight and vision went abroad to seek advanced education and the opportunity to show their works to the outside world. For instance, Tu Zhi-wei, born in 1951, and Huang Zhong-yang, born in 1949, were among the first batch of graduate students of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art after the Cultural Revolution, who went to the USA and Canada respectively to receive their second master degree of art. Zhang Wen-xin (born in 1928), Ou Chu-jian, and Guan Ze-ju are also merited Chinese artists who have moved to the US and settled down abroad.

Recently we have signed up a number of painters residing in China, including Sheng Gu-yun, Wang Chi, Xu Xia-dong, and Yuan Li.

The Gallery also carries the works of French sculptor Jacques Le Nantec. Le Nantec, born in 1940, held his personal exhibition in France at the age of 16 and received commission from the French government. It is truly an enjoyment to watch the works of Jasques Le Nantec. Sometimes you can't help being jealous of his French blood, for he seems to have the innate sensitivity and gift for women's body that allows him to ingeniously grasp women's romantic longing and penchant for pursuit of beauty.

American sculptor Gary Weisman, born in 1952, is currently a faculty at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He firmly believes that a artist has to get his hands in every process of the sculpture making (carving, mold making, casting, polishing, and coloring) to display his earnestness. In the words of Fredericks Osborne (???), the President of the Pennsylvania Academy, Gary Weisman will undoubtedly be a major candidate for American treasure.

Since establishment, IMAVISION Gallery has been continuously holding exhibitions across Taiwan with the aim of providing professional service and educating the public. In recent years we have extended our reach into the international markets by participating in the International Art Expo held in Singapore. Professionalism, quality, service, reputation and vision are the highest principles for promoting art. We earnestly hope that in the 21st century, art and culture can play a more active role in touching the hearts of people, and bringing more beauty and harmony to the society.

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