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Metaphysical Art Gallery
7/F., No. 219,
Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road,
Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.   map * 
tel: +886 2 2711 0055     fax: +886 2 2731 7598
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Roadside Theater
by Metaphysical Art Gallery
Location: Metaphysical Art Gallery
Artist(s): JANG Tarng Kuh
Date: 19 Apr - 18 May 2014

Metaphysical Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Jang Tarng Kuh. 

Rise the curtain of roadside, we see the scenery we are so familiar with becomes the main actors on the stage with different expressions and postures, and it varies from minute to minute.    

Jang Tarng Kuh's paintbrush is a spotlight, casting on the nature creature, the veins of earth and sand and the trace of their living. While the twigs of plants are always precisely captured, the waves of leaves in the wind between the lights shining tremendous layers of subtle colors start telling a story. A drama which goes up and down with mysteries then starts. The real roles hidden in the silence are waiting for the exact moment of appearance. In the deep shadow of green under the obscure atmosphere and in the fruitfulness covered by twigs of plants, we find that beauty accompanies sadness and happiness binds danger. In artist’s works we are amazed that silence is far more boisterous than you imagined, the Zen-like wisdom has been hidden from the thriving wildness. 

Jang uses dramatic performance and his exquisiteness in any angle to amaze us with his realistic strengthens and richness in his paintings. We are even affected by the splendid of Vanity Fair. We total experience the exceeding and freedom what Gustave Courbet, the French realistic artist, once said, “Show me an angel and I will paint one.” However, the difference is that Jang takes the freedom and exceeding into a theater. There is never an end of the theater of life because we discover truthful and great stories, one act after another. It's like human beings' desires, anger, ignorance, and arrogance, which are always alike but have no end; moreover, audiences never get bored.

Jang re-directors time and spaces as he pleases with the enriched acting flow and scripts. Therefore, Roadside Theater is the theater of nature portraying all the thriving lives; it is also a theater nostalgic of utopia; and it's even a theater of the jungle law. On the stage, plots vary from minute to minute; on the stage, mysteries are hidden everywhere. 

*image (left)
courtesy of the artist and Metaphysical Art Gallery 

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