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Metaphysical Art Gallery
7/F., No. 219,
Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road,
Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.   map * 
tel: +886 2 2711 0055     fax: +886 2 2731 7598
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Glorious Encounter
by Metaphysical Art Gallery
Location: Metaphysical Art Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 7 Dec 2013 - 19 Jan 2014

Metaphysical Art Gallery presents a group exhibition includes works by Yoshitaka Amano, Chiharu Nishizawa, Rieko Sakurai, Yee Sookyung, Eddie Kang Kuo, Win-Land, Su Wang-Shen, Tao Wen-Yueh, Lien Chien-Hsing, Cheng Chien-Chang, Li Ming-Ze, Lu Xian-Ming, Jang Tarng-Kuh and Liao Yu-An.

Yoshitaka Amano uses strong contrasting colors on the aluminum to build a fantastic space wherethe past and future coexist, expressing an immense wave, but still elegant as a poem. Chiharu Nishizawa's artworks contents attractive charms, sensitively display the observations to various social issues. Those ambiguous small groups of human are as float attached, with the loneliness of civilizations silently making their journeys of life. All objects refer to signs, diligently taking responsibilites to the culture of next generation in this immense and vacuous virtual world. Rieko Sakurai's creations carry a children's fantasy character. The misty and enchanting eyes seem able to see through, while the figures of those come and leave brand on the traces of life, presented in front of us. Su Wang-Shen utilizes the animal dog as a metaphor to represent the population ecology in Taiwan. His overlooking observation point shows an alternative sense of humor. Li Ming-Ze frankly pours out his dreams, his humors his surroundings, his compassions and his melancholy. Lu Xian-Ming loudly pronounces a foregoing morale and attempt with precise and from structures of overpasses. Jang Tarng-Kuh specially prefers to the accomplishment of "Roadside Theater". As the presentation of modern poetry, the aroma is given on the canvas, while the meanings and imaginations beyond the paintings are left for the audience to dream.

-Metaphysical Art Gallery

Image: © Jang Tarng-Kuh

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