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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
Taipei 103-69, Taiwan   map * 
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Everywhere, No Where, Now Here
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): KUO Chih-Hung
Date: 1 Aug - 23 Aug 2015

Walking along the long curvy road, and overlooking the towering clouds. Follow Chih-Hung KUO’s brushes, our eyes bring mind into the far grand mountains. Through the mountains, the artist makes a painting profound and delicate. However these mountains don’t rise in the real world, but linger in my heart as the most vivid scenery. 

From Taiwan, Germany, and then returned to Taiwan, Chih-Hung KUO becomes his now distinctive appearance by breaking academism along the way. From 2013 “A Mountain” series he uses his familiar mediums and western forms, then adding concepts resemble to Oriental ink, that is, the painter combines subjective imagination into paintings after visiting the site. Such creating way and technique requires a long time to digest and practice to put all factors meet the visual logic. Every order conveys the specific intent of forming power. His precise strokes, force, color changes create layers of space and flows in a rather flat image. Chih-Hung KUO brings all the minutiae on its right position. Each careful consideration, each of his rich emotions, and every relationship and connection between strokes, is the reason why viewers are attracted. 

Among visual rhythm, Chih-Hung KUO uses "virtual" to imply the viewer's imagination, which is another Eastern spirit. For him, emotion doesn’t need language or complicated argument to support. Merely color and composition can illustrate the work itself and will be able to communicate directly. We will open our hearts, standing in front of the painting, and trying to find a language inside. Breathe together. And the subconscious elements, some color, line, is not only a form of expression, but can evoke the spirit of the material and abstractions. It belongs to the mental strength of art, thus his "mountains" cast a magic. 

Chih-Hung KUO interprets for the viewer the unique inner landscape. Though the mountains resort to his head and reason, but it is with the spiritual atmosphere of freedom. Chih-Hung KUO is not on the rout of abnormal to attractive viewer. He inherits standard and orthodox direction of painting. While standing on the shoulders of giants, he pursues growth through his own lives and environment. He keeps breaking through, giving painting new ideas. It is not just accurate refining of painting. It is life, constant feeling of mental state. It is non-stopping consideration and practice. After the mountains, it is the artist’s absolute emotion. 

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