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AKI Gallery
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Munich Contemporary Art
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 4 Apr - 26 Apr 2015

German contemporary art has returned this year at AKI Gallery! Our first exhibition this spring will open on 4th Apr. 3pm. focusing on the poet admired city Munich. The city breeds famous composer Richard Georg Strauss, writer Paul Thomas Mann, the Blue Rider group and the classic Renaissance and modern architectures.

Taiwanese writer Jade Y. Chen who constantly travels In Europe describes this glittering city “Munich has legendary antecedent. Talented but taciturn, Munich is just like the silky sky, never bored you.” Different material, themes and skills, nine artists from Germany provide a whole new vision of Munich. 

A lamp, a window, one man or even changes of day light become the inspiration in Munich. Such beautiful life resembles still object is noted down by Johanna STROBEL's plants with harmonious light. Obsessed with window views, Eunji SEO stands before glasses and represent pieces of memory. Eva BLANCHE leads us to rediscover self-position in life by simple household items.

Despite the calm temperament of Munich, artists living here don't forget their enthusiasm and passion. Blanca AMOROS, Jiyun CHEON and Tom SCHULHAUSER separately use different background color, line, light, construction and material to demonstrate their emotions and feelings to the city. Warm yellowish beams, straps and plastic bags for symbol of suppression, saturated color for fever all as if place audience right in the shiny city. 

Beside Mount Alps and Lake Chiemsee, Munich is surrounded with streams of vibrant lights. Manuel RUMPF makes time running by flowing light. Brigitte STENZEL echoes the egoistic ideology by strong glare in the work. Hanne KROLL tries to remind people the alternate kind of beauty in various times by cool colors. 

This spring, AKI Gallery invites you to join us on Apr. 4 to stroll in Munich and glow together! 

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