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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
Taipei 103-69, Taiwan   map * 
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Manhattan Project
by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): I-Chen KUO
Date: 5 Sep - 28 Sep 2014

New York, a city with a beautiful skyline of skyscrapers and where all dreams come true has the most powerful right to speak. She is the world center of finance, media, fashion and tourism…etc. Money flows at the pace of million in one second. 1942, USA initiated the first atomic bombs during World War II ended the war, however, the termination of conflict didn’t bring human world peace. Happiness didn’t grow as the speed of money is transferring. Terrorism, financial turmoil, energy crisis, and global warming, all these disputes keep attacking people’s lives. Artist I-Chen KUO who is specialized at expressing human intrinsic soul by technology. During 2012-2014, as an outsider he investigated the unknown part of New York City. Exploring the truth under the sugarcoated American dream by four series of works:《Home-Less is More》,《Soul Out 》,《The Face of Time》,《7000 Christmas Trees》. This Sep. 5, I-Chen KUO will reveal the visible and inxvisible scenes of New York. 

I-Chen KUO raised a point resembles paralleled universe which he observed that the most luxurious coexists with the panhandlers. Ironically extreme disparity between the rich and poor awaken the big dream. Next, I-Chen KUO’s《Soul Out》sneaks into the core of darkness in New York subway. However, even the brightest place lies truth waiting to be discovered. In《The Face of Time》, illegal immigrants put on costumes to amuse tourists, who ever saw their real faces in Times Square ?To describe I-Chen KUO as a war correspondent is not as suitable to describe him as a war poet. He wanders on the streets in downtown, interpreting cruel reality under capitalism with his soft presentation. Finally, in《7000 Christmas Trees》he indicates the abandonment of consumption is nothing but a artificial dreams. On Sep. 5 , follow I-Chen KUO’s journey, we are able to experience a truth that we tend to ignore. 

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