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by Modern Art Gallery
Location: Modern Art Gallery
Date: 4 Sep - 26 Sep 2010

Many endless events of yore had been said
Perused countless sites of antiquities,
Sauntered among the countless tomb of emperors
Chanted endless romantic melodies
Even kicked the famous Yangzi Jade
And dug under the earth among warriors of terracotta

What described above shows the character of Shanxi. All the artists whose paintings exhibited here today are from this province, even though some of them are working in Beijing while others engaged in creative work in Xian. Because of the wide difference between the styles of their work, it is difficult to exhibit all works together, let alone classify them with a single title to the exhibition. However, a folk saying in the local dialect of the Xian people pops up in my mind, regarding ' Unrelated' which seems appropriate to this exhibition hence it is titled with folk sayings to the amusement of all. The
precipitation of a historic culture infused with transcendent modernity creates a new age classic.

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