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The Bloody Sweat Soaring Over the Sun
by Modern Art Gallery
Location: Modern Art Gallery
Artist(s): HUANG Haiyun
Date: 13 Oct - 11 Nov 2012

Huang Hai Yun's artwork may capture viewers for the first time by it's rage, bold, and passionate style of expression. However, what I feel from his artworks is a tender and soft heart that Huang has as reflected in those images appeared.

Even accepted traditional education for several years, he decided to discard the stereotypical rules in art creating since he touched "art anatomy", which compare relationship of art and reality as muscle and bone structures. Huang felt that art is not just a copy of reality, but the projection of artists' concept and idea onto the artwork, As Plato wrote in Dialogue, "the highest level of reality was the world of ideas or forms.", Huang's works, seems as painting based on conceptual writing, which is actually, represented a otupian world by Plato.

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