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Along the winding path of Hudi Road on Yangmingshan, Grass Mountain Artist Village hides within the natural scenery of Taipei City. Grass Mountain Artist Village is housed in four cottages next to Grass Mountain Chateau, built in 1920. These cottages were once used as the document office and the dormitory for the attendant staff of former president Chiang Kai-shek. The structures were first renovated in April 2004 and reopened to the general public in November of that year. At this time, the buildings found a new mission as artist studios under a managed operation contract commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. In April 2007, Grass Mountain Chateau was badly damaged in a fire which led to the closure of the four cottages for several months. In 2008, under the management of the Taipei Artist Village team of the Taipei Culture Foundation, the cottages were resurrected for the second time.

After four months of intensive preparation, the four cottages in combination with a small forest stage became the venue for AIR (Arts-in-Residence) Taipei. One of the cottages—Studio No. 92—is used for the arts and literature program as well as a meeting place for residents and artists, and the other three are studio spaces for artists, providing artists-in-residence with a natural setting and an abundant source of creative energy. In order to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, the outdoor forest stage and a “living forest viewing platform,” which is still in the planning stage, will provide artists with a greater diversity of exhibition spaces. AIR Taipei also seeks to combine the resources of the city, the tourism industry and the local community, in order to create a bond between contemporary art and the culture of Grass Mountain, as well as a good relationship between the local community and the tourism industry. AIR Taipei aims to introduce a multifaceted mechanism for promoting more diverse art forms on Grass Mountain, and to bring broader creative energy to the public and the local culture.

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