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In 1990, the head of Miss Li Lina Art auction companies of Taiwan "preaching house art" one of the founders and served as Director of the later "Qing Yi Art Auction Company" shareholders and Artistic Director. Miss Li Lina years in Taiwan's art market auctions, secondary market exchange and art appraisal, valuation, etc., were too busy to retire in 1998, left the auction house.

Because of their love for art and interest in Taiwan's art market boom in the poor opened in 2008, "Li Commodities art" for the opening of the exhibition space and promotion of the arts culture. Space owned, the sale of works by such commercial activity is not the only, the main purpose is to collectors, artists, friends, etc., to provide a space for appreciation of the arts. Preferences art collection and financial management of people with many years of expertise with the experience to get good work.

Management projects

Art appreciation, communication, appreciation, evaluation and so on. Provide well-known modern and contemporary art, most artists in Taiwan and the importance of art history major Art Museum, the auction company levy works.
Management Direction

Regular exhibitions of famous art works of art space and to promote strong and talented young artists, will host two games each solo or joint exhibitions, talented artists to display their work. Korea Products Art wanted to "Taiwan art history context, and rich social and cultural background, cutting out the artist in different periods, from classical artists to the museum of contemporary art in the younger generation of art then the young rookie." Rich and diverse Art and Culture, where you can see different art festival.

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