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I close my eye in order to see

Chiroptera suborder of small bats in the evening and night foraging, but not easy to identify the dark night, so use the throat to send a high-frequency ultrasound, and use echolocation to identify the barriers or the surrounding environment or food. Gregarious nature of these bats Some species even in a cooperative manner will search for food.

I try to learn patterns of bat behaviors  into the art of collection in the world, through arts enthusiasts gathered between learning to cultivate appreciation and perception and imagination, and enhancing the ability to identify and positive energy will be a high-frequency echo Positioning information to rule out the chaos caused by explosion of information, to bring art collection of well-being and happy way to go.

Bats to give up to receive the message by visual ability,  but using high-frequency ultrasound and echolocation to reach goals, reminds me of the 19-20 century AD, the great French post-impressionist artist Gauguin(Paul Gauguin 1848-1903) had said:<I close my eye in order to see>,it seems to reflect two different ways but have the same meaning .


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