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EverHarvest Gallery has been set up for over than 20 years and experienced the variable situation  in Taiwanese society during this period. In order to be adjustable for the society which changes rapidly as well as to satisfy various requirement for art, it’s different from other galleries that EverHarvest Gallery insists to introduce the artworks and exhibition which based on art history and its own presentation.  From the beginning, EverHarvest Gallery presented lazurite workshop which set up by Chang Yi and Yang Whei-Sam. After that, we started to present Taiwanese classical artists and strived to introduce the artworks in way of art history. Thus, these artworks by classical artists present the rich energy of Taiwan.

In 21st century, all Taiwanese need to concern about are local business, affairs between China and Taiwan, Chinese culture, and international situations. Economically, as a Taiwanese, we have a certain advantage. However, we are always on the political edge internationally. Meantime, Taiwanese preserves Chinese heritage and make it more profoundly and widely. We connect the international culture  and participate the related affairs. These multiple expectations make Taiwan energetic and vivid in various perspectives. Under such as challengeable  circumstance, people have a fast life and updated trend. There are so many things in experiment and exploration which is similar like other cities in Asia. Behind this phenomenon, it shows unlimited force from the city and people.

How to concentrate this force from Taiwan is our concept  for a long time. Constantly we recommend great artworks and prepare ourselves to become more professional in both classical and contemporary art scene. To participate this Taiwan force and to be part of international art scene are our main task. Also, as a gallery, we expect to inspire our customers and artists through more great artworks over the world.

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