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Established in 2003, Fish Art Center's mission is to bring art in to everyday life. We believe art is essential to our lives. It not only makes our living space nicer, it also brings joy, inspiration and edification to our hearts. Art leads us to looking at the world from different angles, and enriches our spiritual experience.  
Fish Art Center aims for developing long-term collaboration and friendship with artists and art collectors. Apart from representing three artists, Huang Mingchun, Huang Poren and Lin Chiahung, Fish Art Center also cooperates with other outstanding artists and foreign art galleries to bring quality art to our customers and visitors. We search for talented artists with passion for art. Through local and overseas exhibitions and various strategies, we promote their works to art lovers. As to the art lovers, we take introducing great art as our main responsibility.  
Fish Art Center represents three artists, Huang Mingchun, Huang Poren and Lin Chiahung. Huang Mingchun has held exhibitions in various places in Taiwan, France and China. After many years of studying light and colors, Huang Mingchun has established a unique color system. In this color system, red, yellow and green are the primary colors of light, while blue is not essential in the composing of light and can be created on the canvas by mixing green and red (sometimes with yellow or white) instead of using blue pigment directly. The resulting blue is more vivid and closer to what we see in the nature. Huang Mingchun's paintings, The Return of Grace and Come On! have been purchased by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts as part of the collection.  
Sculptor Huang Poren has exhibited in various cities in Taiwan, Austria and China. Huang Poren uses various materials for his creation, including wood, iron, even bicycle components. His iron sculpture, The Archer, was included into Art text book for senior high school in Taiwan. His ongoing project “The Dog's Note” is a series of bronze sculptures. Huang Poren is adept at reducing complex form into pithy shapes with clean lines while retaining the spirit of the object. The clean and bold form of Huang Poren's bronze creates a calm atmosphere while touching the viewer's heart. Two works from this series, Happy Time and Wise Man were purchased by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts for the museum's collection.  
Graduated from Department of Fine Arts, National Chiayi University in 2006, Lin Chiahung had won many artistic awards. He was invited to be a Resident Artist for The Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse in 2008, and presented his first solo exhibition in Fish Art Center in the same year. Lin Chiahung's first solo exhibition, “Beneath the Aloofness”, was a huge success. With sensitive eyes, he probes through people masks to reach their inner sentiments, and captures the hidden emotion and thought through his paintings. The series “Smoking Girl-RS” has been purchased by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.  

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