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Located in the world famous M50 Art District (97 Moganshan Road), the Shanghai New B Gallery is committed to the promotion and popularization of the Contemporary Chinese Art. With Easel Painting as our main business, artistic forms such as sculptures, photographs, multimedia artworks, installations, and underground experimental films are also our concerns. In the concept of New B, a gallery should not only be a place for operation of cultural businesses, but also serve as a paradise of humanism. For a long time, Contemporary Chinese Art has lost in the dilemma of being a slight game among the small circle. It has been maintaining the so-called "avant-garde" at the price of exerting extensive influence on the society, becoming a type of luxury pleasure for both academic contests in the sector and among international amateurs. However, art should belong to everyone. New B will unremittingly seek to attract more attention from those who don’t understand the Chinese Experimental Art from both in and outside China. At the same time, we are also concerned about the growth of young artists of different sorts. For this purpose, we have opened up a space for new generation of artists to explore and exchange ideas as well as exhibit their artworks, where we may also freely play new directors’ video works and provide fixed-point displays for distinctive talented artists.  
With a large space of nearly 600 square meters, the New B Gallery enjoys a conspicuous location . It is the gallery’s aim and mission to provide a high quality showplace for artworks and academic exchanges, becoming a bridge for artists, artwork collectors and art lovers. The New B Gallery is ready to make a positive contribution to the promotion and development of the Contemporary Chinese Art.


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