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DEGAS ART SPACE (Shanghai Degas Cultural Media Co., Ltd.)is located at the first floor of Shanghai Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space, facing the street. The gallery, which covers 210 square meters, 6 meters in height and 30 meters in length, features professional artwork exhibition space. The business mainly aims at modern and contemporary oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, etc, and especially emphasizes on consistent and rigorous research, collation and collection work on Chinese watercolors. The manager of the gallery majored in art management deeply senses the role of culture companies in guiding art and cultural values. With the passion for art and professional attainments, the manager aims the business at excellent contemporary artists and works with potential and strong individual styles, and manages the cultural undertaking with the concept of "Integrity, Professionalism, Foresight, and Steadiness".

Today's Chinese watercolor is the best art language to integrate China with the West. There are many excellent watercolor artists in China who are unfortunately not yet universally accepted. In 2008, DEGAS will vigorously promote most advanced Chinese watercolor artists and works to enrich the pluralistic art world. And we hope to leave a footprint in the development of Chinese watercolor.

Contemporary painting is undoubtedly the backbone of modern art trends, and in 2008 we will vigorously introduce Qiu Yacai and Ye Zhusheng, the famous Taiwan painting artists, to friends both in China and abroad. Art has no boundaries, and it is our shared expectations to exchange different cultures and civilizations.

In 2008, DEGAS will energetically organize various art exhibitions, academic lectures and art interviews, participate in influential art fairs, and in conjunction with compilation of related art works and reviews, introduce innovative and thoughtful art works to friends interested in art. Meanwhile, we will search for collectors with insight and strength in order to establish a win-win stage with the joint efforts of artists, our gallery and collectors and share the joy of growth.


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