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The FEIZI Gallery is located in an old foreign-style house at 55 Fuxing West Road. This road which was once part of Shanghai’s former French concession is now surrounded on both sides with the consulates and cultural organizations of several countries.The environment is thus refined, elegant and artistic.

The FEIZI Gallery was established in these ideal quarters in July, 2007. The main focus of the gallery is to discover and promote Chinese contemporary artists, who each have their very unique and individual artistic style. The principle objective of the promoters of the FEIZI Gallery is to recommend hand-picked contemporary Chinese collections that have the greatest potential interest and value for the international market and to enhance understanding and appreciation of Chinese contemporary artworks. Our ultimate objective is thus to serve as a platform for international cultural exchange. On the one hand, the FEIZI Gallery recommends and promotes the works of Chinese artists in order to play a leading role in the development of Chinese contemporary art, whilst on the other hand it will enhance cooperation with international artistic organizations, in order to provide a space for art amateurs and collectors alike.

The Artists presented by FEIZI Gallery
Bai  Landi
Luo Fahui
Liu  Xiaodong
Luo  Xiangsheng
Liu Deng
He Duoling
Hu  Jundi
Wang Chengyun
Dong Zhong
Duan Xuejing
Pei Jing
Pang Xuan
Jiang Yong
Guo Yan
Liu Deng
Tian Liang
Wu  Jun
Wan Qiong
Xiao  Juan
Yu Ziwei
Zhao  Huasen
Zhang Hua

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 11 am - 7 pm 


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