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The Zoo No. 2 (2007) by FANG Er
Size I: 50 x 50 cm
Lambda C-print

Edition of 10

This series of photographs was made in Beijing, where the entire city is under construction for the coming 2008 Olympic Games. I was astonished by how rapidly the city could change I first arrived in 2006. The migrant construction workers toiling day and night, daily we witness the changing face of the city, as if in a moment the architecture comes to life, sometimes with a confusion and chaos, like the natural world, these things grow and take their own shape.

This kind of symmetrical beauty can be found in traditional Chinese architecture. However, in present-day Beijing, this kind of natural beauty is already lost. In my photographs, I reconstruct these new buildings by changing the symmetry and proportion to appear as if they were insects in the air.


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