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The Sweetest Thing No. 7 (2004) by FANG Er
Size I: 50 x 50 cm
Archival pigment print on fine art paper

Edition of 10

These photographs were created while traveling by train, documenting memories along the way, the motion of the moving train causing the camera’s blurriness and distorsion. Moving from country to country, a changing landscape has become a part of life. While photography is essentially a two-dimensional medium, it can be used as a tool that is able to capture the symbolic meaning of reality as something separate from reality itself. While these motion-blurred images signify the beginning of a journey, these works take viewers in two different directions: one is the inward landscape of the artist’s self, the other the external abstractions of scenes viewed from the train. The viewers can see the subtle transitions between time, space and different perspectives in the photographs, and it provides us with a brand-new interpretation of our living memories. We can vaguely see the hidden horizon lines and skyscrapers, the buildings, the trees and the architecture through these floating objects in the photographs. The constant switching and exchanging of energies leads viewers into a private land of dreamlike beauty, at the same time sharing the artist’s broken memories floating in the sky.

“As for choosing the title The Sweetest Thing, there is one photograph in particular that is a good example. The photograph is of a giant oil tower in an industrial park. It’s a strong steel architectural symbol made by humans, but after being changed in my photographs, some people say its appearance is like a crown... I think it looks more like a cake.”


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