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Zendai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall (shortened: DCA) is located in the Wuwei Creative Space covering an area of 3,000 m². It embodies a strategic extension of Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum.

With a focus on large-scale contemporary artwork, the exhibition hall is divided into a group exhibition space, a solo exhibition space, a small theatre, a contemporary art (books and videos) library and international artists’ studios and is designed to create a new platform for the display and exchange of international contemporary art. Different from traditional art museums and galleries, the ambition of the exhibition hall is to present a brand new way of art promotion, which will include: displaying artwork, academic research, international exchanges, public library, etc.‚Ä®Featuring visionary art and an open attitude, the aims of the exhibition hall are to encourage communication and collaboration among art institutes, artists, curators and critics, both from China and from abroad, and to advance and encourage the development of Chinese contemporary art.

Introduction to the Space where DCA is located
Shanghai Fifth Chemical Fibre Plant Creative Industry Space (Wuwei Creative Space) was formerly Shanghai Huafeng First Cotton Textile Mill. It was established in 1946 by the national entrepreneur Qiang Xilin. In 1954, it became a public-private partnership, and it was passed into state-owned Shanghai Thirty-second Cotton Textile Mill in 1966. In 1971, the production changed to chemical fiber and it was renamed Shanghai Fifth Chemical Fibre Plant. Since 2007, the Wuwei Creative Space has been transforming into an art creative industry space. Now, there are nearly 20 studios for artists, architectural design and photography, etc.

The place of DCA
The architectural form of Wuwei Creative Space includes all kinds of industrial architecture styles from the 1940s to the present, including a 5-meter-story-high zigzag plant and a multi-story 4.5-meter-high ferroconcrete structure.

The location of DCA
DCA is located east of the Huangpu River and National Science and Technology Park of Shanghai Polytechnic University and west of Wujiaochang and the University area of Shanghai (Fudan University etc). The Gongqing Forest Park adjoins it in the north.

Directions of DCA
DCA is situated near the Xiangyin Road Tunnel which connects Pudong and Puxi, the east and west parts of Shanghai as well as where Zhong Huan Road and Jun Gong Road meets. It lies next to the exit of the tunnel in Puxi. It is a 15 to 30 minutes’ drive to the city centre, the airport and the train station. Metro line 8 as well as many bus lines are nearby.

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun  10 am - 6 pm   closed on Mon


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