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7010 - The world after Human Extinction
by Shang Gallery
Location: ...Shang Gallery
Artist(s): TIAN Tai Quan
Date: 22 Jun - 22 Jun 2010

The series of the works from “7010” concerns about the issue of human extinction, the hypothetical end of the human species. Extinction scenarios are speculative, the doomsayer, TaiQuan Tian, unveils the intricacy with his works.

 “The people live in different countries will always have a time to kill each other.The people who think about the future will be filled with anxiety and fear”. Einstein wrote in a letter to all humankind after 5000 years in America’s World Expo in 1939.

The series of Tian's works, which called “7010”, is inspired by Einstein’s 1939 letter. In the next 5000 years, humankind will kill each other and destroy the natural environment. The human species is likely to go the same way as many of the species that we've seen disappear. His works present the view after the death of human civilization in 7010.

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