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Song Between Lips
by DDM Warehouse
Location: ddmwarehouse
Artist(s): KAN Hsu Pin
Date: 9 Jan - 24 Jan 2010

We may open our mouths, talking and singing. As an existence of expressing, a song compared with words, possesses much richer imagery and varied associations between lyrics and melodies, from which singer enjoys emotion expressing for being shared by listeners.

My love for songs and sounds is the reason for this exhibition’s title as “Song between Lips”. The lyrics and melodies from lips shall go deep inside ears, either quickly or slowly, either from far far away or just by your side. A piece of work from being conceived till its fulfillment is an existence of a beautiful creature as melodies and together with poetry. That’s my true feeling. And I have a wish as well, that all the visitors for this upcoming exhibition will find a song for themselves, or even just pieces of notes.

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