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stage候台BACK is an art space for artists dedicated to experimental projects founded by German artist Susanne Junker in April 2008 in Shanghai, China.

Susanne has been traveling to China for the last past 5 years and observed the growing urban culture in Shanghai as well as the fast forward moving Chinese art scene.

Her believe is grounded in cultural and intellectual exchange between the East and the West, which can offer new territories and outlooks for both sides.

Apart from the great importance of education, the program concentrates on knowledgeable dicoveries as well as surprising, even shocking displays to create strong reactions from the visiting audience. Reaching the status of difference in selection and presentation is one of the goals to achieve in China on many levels. stage候台BACK makes its first steps towards individuality in art and culture.

stage候台BACK will collaborate with artists of all mediums from abroad as well as local based artists. Cultural institutions should have their place at stage候台BACK as well as private owned galleries who are looking for an exchange.

stage候台BACK is located in the center of Shanghai in "the newish underground artist enclave at 696 Weihai Lu", an old building that at one time was an opium den build in the 30ties of last century and most recently an auto parts warehouse. About 40 artist studios are located in 696 Weihai Lu as well as a handful new and emerging galleries.

stage候台BACK is operating as a non profit and non governmental institution.

Opening hours:
Thu - Sunday  2 pm - 6 pm


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