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Hong Miao is one of the major Taoist Temples of Zhengyi Sect of Shanghai Taoism, which locates at 496 East Nanjing Road and faces the south, it is of brick and wood structure and covers an area of 672㎡.

Hong Miao was build in Wanli Years of Ming Dynasty, used to be called “Tinggou Temple”. In the 61st Year of Kangxi Years of Qing Dynasty, the inner and outer wall was painted purple according to Taoism tradition, which was the origin of the name “Hong Miao(means the red temple in Chinese)”, or “Hong Miao(means the rainbow temple in Chinese)”, also called Baoan Situ Miao in Jiaqing Years of Qing Dynasty. There are Kuan-yin Palace, Constellation Hall, Guan Yu Hall, The Old City God’s Hall, Fighting General Hall, Landlord Hall in Hong Miao, all of which were built in Ming Dynasty, except for the Kuan-yin Palace which was rebuilt after a fire in the 26th Guangxu Years of Qing Dynasty(1900).

Hong Miao has been the most worshiped temples in Shanghai after the Opium War as a result of the prosperity of Nanjing Road. In recent times, Hong Miao is famous for charity affais, giving medical services and medicine at summertime and giving out clothes and coffins at wintertime. Followers and visitors have been loyal t the temple and oblations are always given to it.

Hong Miao enjoys great fame internationally, too. A foreign visitor used to say that Hong Miao was the most famous Chinese temple in Shanghai. And after liberation, Hong Miao had received many foreign religion touring parties.
But because different reasons, Hong Miao was forced to stop all religious activities and the building was changed to other uses.
In 2006, Shanghai Hailian Real Estate Co. Ltd. Rented Hong Miao and made it into Hong Miao Art Space as what we see here after careful preservation and remedy of the long abolished dangerous buildings.

Here,we have stepped out the first pace, but we will start here to the future of Hong Miao Gallery

Hongmiao used to be a pure place in history. But paintings on show are generally the sideviews to reality in all aspects, and are a miniature of society. But quietness could still be tasted by spectators, which is a serenity at heart.


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