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Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co.,Ltd


Shanghai Shun Art & Design Co., Ltd is the head company of Shun Art & Design Group in China, started operating at No.50 Moganshan RD in August 2006. Our company is mainly engaging in the operation of art gallery (Shun Art Gallery), design and sales of self-branded fashion dress (Shun), and compile and publish a new magazine (Shunhi).Shun Art & Design Group will set up two branches, one in Japan and one in Paris. All of us work together to build a platform of the transnational enterprise.


Act for ArtistsShun, Yelan. Mikuo Konoki (Japan),Hirano Kousaku(Japan), Katsushiro Isobe(Japanese Artist in France), Hsu Dan (Chinese Artist in US),Wangzhanxin, Zhouyuguang, Yanhongziming, Panxiaoxiao, Liuchang, Zengmiao. Kun(Belgium) , Kazu(Japan)

Shun Art Gallery artists come from everywhere of the world, belonging to different times , different nations, and different working methods. Their way of creating almost cover all means of art creation, from portrait to water ink , from drawing to video, from device to dress.

Shun Art Gallery has the characteristic different from the rest, that is, all art and artists are the citizens of earth, there shall be no racism, there shall be no thinking of war, respecting different things and objects, showing interest to things that are different from oneself, trying to understand them (as many conflicts come from misunderstanding). We believe that there is no border in art, and art exceeds the race and complexion


Shun Art Gallery shanghai
Gallery Space
Shun Art Gallery locates at 103/208 Loft 3, No.50 Moganshan Road. Group exhibitions and solo exhibitions are planned and held regularly in this 455sqm space, mainly for international communication on contemporary art. We aim at providing chances for Chinese young artists to show works as well as introducing overseas artists. We are also trying to cultivate talented curators via holding exhibitions and to guide new collectors. We hope to raise academic level, gallery service standard and Chinese cultural environment, helping Chinese people and people from other countries know each other. We are also holding a goal of becoming humanity and cultural pioneer. Equipments in the gallery are made by the owner, Shun. Hand-made kitchen goods drop light, auto-gate book shelf, and so on. The whole space can be called a large scale work by Shun. Many books on the shelf are collected from exhibitions in worldwide area; some of them are even limited versions. We wish we could provide you a comfortable place with paintings in our space.

Exhibition History:
2006.8    Shun Art Gallery——Shanghai opening.
2006.8    Lotus and rain——Show of oil painting and photographical works.
2006.9    Traveller——Oil painting show of Shun.
2006.11   Coming Naturally——A Solo Exhibition of Yelan.
2006.12   Had I obtained the heaven's embroidered cloths——oil painting show of Wu Youyuan.
2007.1    The gnosis about three city——Oil painting show of Shun.
2007.3    What’s new?——Japan and French artists exhibition.
2007.4  Selene——Fashion and painting Furuuchi fashion painting Exhibition.
2007.5  Green Man and Red Women——Shun Solo Exhibition.
2007.6  Women——The new generation of female artists Exhibition.
2007.7  Individual——The 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Katsushiro Isobe Pencil painting Exhibition.
2007.8  Moments On Backstage——Wangzhanxin Theater Art Oil Paintings Exhibition.
2007.9  Celebrated American——Chinese Artist Hsu Dan Fresh Approach in Color and Ink Art Exhibition.
2007.10  Ganda•Life•Poem——The art of Mikuo Konoki. 2007.12  Day Dreaming——Shun Art Gallery 2007 Retrospective Exhibition.
2008.1   Bright spring day——Striking Body & Lotus Dancing of Yelan.
2008.3   The departed——The Exhibition of Works by the Young Artists from Luxun
Academy of Fine Art in Shanghai.



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