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Today, in the eye of Chinas economic take-off when the dragon, with the physical improvement of living standards, art appreciation and art collection is gradually becoming a peoples spirit of enjoyment and the pursuit of fashion. Rapid socio-economic development and cultural prosperity of the art market interaction is a perfect example of a harmonious society. It is based on this opportunity, responsibility and respect for the pursuit of art, in November 2006 the tenth occasion of the opening of Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, places fragrant incense to Art Center Gallery was born.

Since the mid-nineties from the twentieth century, the art market ushered in the spring. Decade, the art markets development than any other period in history. But to connect artists, galleries and collectors, as a bridge between the role of the did not get into full play. In developed countries, galleries and collectors in the exchange played an important role in the forefront. That is our direction and goals.

We found that new train a new generation as our mission. We are committed to exploring the arts with a distinctive personality, there is the potential to create cutting-edge contemporary artists, recommend them to the community; we are also concerned about the artistic vision of the kinds of collectors invest in, in order to prepare them for investment advisers.

Our mission is to advocate and the pursuit of art. By Dan Bos heart, to incense to the arts as a platform for exchange and making friends, and constantly improve its art of cultivation. We believe that the Chinese art market is also looking forward to growth and development of tomorrows arrival.


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