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Fellini Gallery was founded by an award-winning film producer who is a passionate art-lover and has a long involvement in both historical and contemporary art.  Fellini Gallery occupies a 380 square-meter, four-story Shanghai old lane house with six captivating rooms and a rooftop garden overlooking the enchanting Shanghai. It is located on Changle Road in the heart of the former French concession.

Fellini Gallery is a vibrant art salon inspired by the great Italian film director Federico Fellini, and aims to capture among its walls the unique and magical soul of art dedicated to the exhibition, promotion, art consulting services, cultural exchange, and development of contemporary art in Shanghai.  Fellini Gallery has strived to keep the gallery's challenging and groundbreaking museum quality program at the forefront of the art world in media, including painting, photography, video installations, sculpture and performance, by a roster of both international and local inspiring gallery artists.  The contemporary program features stimulating rotating shows, both solo and group exhibitions, six weeks in duration, devoted to the promotion of established and upcoming Chinese artists with a focus on avant-garde style and high quality artwork.

Fellini carries the love affair between China and the West by maintaining an openness to embrace outside ideas while sharing its original artistic ideas and unique visions. Fellini holds regular events and collaborates with museums, chambers, libraries, and American and European galleries. Among our attendees are artists, art-lovers, critics, and experts from various creative industries, who engage in cultural and creative ideas.

In Fellini we dream and inspire—we soothe, amuse and enlighten you. Fellini Gallery and its art works will be one of those experiences your heart will always remember in this ever-changing world.

Opening hours :
Mon - Fri 12 - 8 pm  Sat - Sun 11 am - 8 pm


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