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PAXREX came into existence in April, 2006.  PAXREX is a gallery in a new sense, for the planned exhibits of contemporary art pieces, specializing in photographic art. The name is Latin, from PAX (peace) and REX (king). Behind this naming is a great ideal, and a conviction that those with a love of beauty in their hearts cannot wage war, nor can they condone violence or abuse. In other words, 'Beauty is King of Peace'. A great and splendid name for a small gallery, perhaps, but still...

The symbol color is blue - the blue of the sea and the sky. There is one more meaning - the blue of the blue sheets used to veil and waterproof construction, or for temporary housing and tent villages. After the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, this blue color was seen immediately everywhere in Kobe city. This vulgar, sad color enveloped our once-beautiful city. More than 10 years have passed since that disaster, and now we realize that the blue that represented our wounds and our loss is no longer a negative color. Those blue sheets protected us from the rain and the cold, and they were the beginning of the rebuilding and rebirth. The then hated color is, in retrospect, a kindly color. Memories shift with the sands of time. However there are some things which must be remembered. So for that reason, we chose blue.

These days the news reports are often depressing. This is another reason why we felt that this gallery needed to be opened, to give people the necessary opportunity to come and spend time with high quality art pieces, which will brighten their feelings and give rest to their overburdened emotions. We feel that emotional stirrings when people react to beauty have the effect of refreshing people's everyday life. We offer the chance to browse and enjoy, and when a person discovers a work that has something to say to them, they can easily make it their own and bring it into their homes or workplaces. Anyone can go to a museum and view masterpieces, but not every day. By hanging a single frame on a wall, a room can be transformed and made vibrant. The value of the existence of a work of art is increased with its proximity to those who love it, do you not agree? To enable you to encounter and experience the fascination of art, Gallery PAXREX pushes aside artworks which are difficult to understand, and chooses for display, frank and simple works of beauty which will trigger awe and wonder.

There are two reasons for the appeal of photographic art.

One is expression. Photographic technology was established in the 19th century and progressed rapidly as it was used for publication and recording, finally developing into a unique genre of artistic expression. Photographic art is now highly appreciated as an art form, especially in the United States and France. At present, with the introduction of digitalization as powerful weapon in its arsenal, photographic art is further expanding the possibilities of expression. We cannot tear our gaze away from this fascinating process.
The other is the fact that photographic art is comparatively reasonably priced, and very obtainable. A work of art such as a painting or a sculpture is inevitably high in price, whereas one photograph from a limited edition, signed by the artist him or herself is an original artwork that is extremely reasonable.

Expression and purchase price are the two appealing features of photographic art that make it ideal for the modern generation.
Gallery PAXREX hopes to pleasantly overturn your ideas regarding photography.


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