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Gombessa proposal ep3: a contemporary sense
by Combine / BAMI Gallery
Location: Combine / BAMI Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 26 Jun - 31 Jul 2013

Starting on April, 2011, Gombessa Proposal third exhibition will be held. Young artist living in the contemporary society with a question for current social issues will make a show as dynamics of contemporary sense.
Gombessa means coelacanth called 'living fossil', a fish in ancient times. It was tasteless so that treated as worthless fish, but after its value was revealed, a meaning of it has been changed into 'the fish bringing good luck'.
As comparing a change of its meaning to the paradigm shift in the world of expression, the project aims to promote unknown but talented young artists, who have a great sensitivity and vivid expressions derived from it.

Artists: Takumi Kama, Hisatshi Matsumoto, Ryotaro Endo, Akira Sano, Yusuke Yagi

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