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The Can Art Center is located in the north district of Beijing 798 Art Zone. With a total area of 1100 square meters, this gallery has a huge space and the first class exhibition effect. In this gallery, there are the main exhibition area, the VIP exhibition hall, the office area, the rest area, and so on, and the gallery has integrated functions of holding all kinds of exhibitions and activities, and it is one of the local galleries with the biggest scale and the most important status.

Depending on its traditional advantage of planning by itself and with the exhibition of ''Contemporary China•Pattern of Discrepancy'' as the prelude of its business opening, the Can Art Center is the second modern art gallery founded by Li Jianguang, a pioneer of Beijing gallery circle, and the precursor of this gallery was the Beijing Century Art Center, established in 1992, which was the gallery operated the earliest in the professional way. In the hard market environment, this gallery had successfully deputized for many important and famous artists in 1990s, and, since then, had held a lot of important exhibition activities, and hence had made irreplaceable contributions for today's prosperous situation of China's art market. Till now, it has not only accumulated numerous important collections, but also provided a lot of precious resources and more than ten years’ matured experience for the development of the new gallery.

With the sorting and retrospection of the exhibition of “Fifteen Years of China’s Painting: 1990—2005” in 2006, the Century Art Center continued to work hard to push out excellent artists and planned and held “The Tension from the Wild—Solo Exhibition of Guan Jian”, “Chaos—Solo Exhibition of Female Painter Jiang Congyi”, ““As If Previous Generation—Photography Works Exhibition of Pan Yue” and “The Future Tree—Solo Exhibition of Zhao Guangchen”… The solo exhibitions of artists which were highly appreciated by the professionals and the market, as well as the continuous hard working and creations till today, all these make Can Art Center attract more most valuable contemporary artists, and, meanwhile, ceaselessly concentrate art new-comers with the biggest potential of development, so as to have formed the surrogate and cooperation artists group with huge advantages. Depending on outstanding professional quality, powerful strength of capital and novel concepts, the Can Art Center has again won the highly recognition and wide attention of the counterparts, lovers and collectors of contemporary arts.

Cooperation and Agent Artists
      Jiang Congyi
      Li Xiaoqi
      Lin Hairong
      Pan Guanqun
      Peng Jianzhong
      Shi Liang
      Yin Zhaoyang
      Zhao Guangchen
      Qiao Xiaoguang

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 10.30am - 6pm  Closed on Mon


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