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Beijing Central Art Gallery is a professional gallery offering a very diverse selection of high quality, original oil paintings, watercolours, mixed media, Chinese watercolours, pastels, charcoal engravings, limited edition prints and fine sculptures by outstanding mainland Chinese and overseas artists.

Many of our artists have graduated from renowned establishments such as the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Beijing Painting Academy, studied with famous painting masters and won prestigious awards.

Through the gallery, we work together with, exhibit and promote the creative achievements of established and young emerging artists with great potential; each with their own distinctive style.

Mainland Chinese artists are producing some of the most exciting work available in the international art world. Many of these new “Masters” have a strong foundation in traditional skills and techniques, but over time have evolved and created their own unique styles. The diversity of works available at our galleries often exemplifies this innovative approach towards creating original works of art.

Fine sculptures are a very strong feature of the gallery, with exquisite and graceful pieces by two of China’s most eminent sculptors Zhang Hua and Ren Shi Kun being available.

The excellent quality and wide selection of paintings available by artists such as Caona, Charles Billich, Chenyu, Guo renjie, Huang youwei, Ji xiaofeng, Lan jing hua, Lisong, Liyong, Liyun, Liubin, Panying, Pang yongjie, Steve Morvell, Xieye, Yinjun, Yinkun, Zang boliang and Zhaoyi, makes the gallery an ideal place to visit for those discerning collectors who wish to find that something special.

Opening hours:

Daily 10am - 7pm  Sun 1pm - 8pm


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