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Ming Art was established in 2005, being located the side of the national art museum in Taichung of the strong literature spirit, the exhibition a space comprehensiveness brightness, indoor adoption the modern decorate and high visual field, emerge a kind of vision well of new feeling.Ming art takes conducting Chinese contemporary oil painting and carving as a main force, another take the Taiwanese native elder generation painter's work as to assist.

The Chinese Contemporary Art scene has been steadily defining and establishing itself over twenty years and has at last gained its fully deserved recognition. The various creation and imagination in their style form stimulate the West and East people unique experience. Diversification of Art advances the collectors much more to concern the Contemporary Art. Over the last few years, the Chinese Contemporary Art presents successfully their works on the international scene. Now, Ming Art offer some artists: Feng Zhengjie, Feng Zhengquan, Zhang Xiaotao, He Sen, Yang Qian, Zhao Nengzhi, Yang Mian, Shen Na, Zhu Hai etc..

The focus pullout is domestic of native elder generation painter, although these painters can't produce again a work, the painters are in their canvas for posterity, give us to the enthusiasm of the life and persist; certainly, we also hope to carry forward this movement to the world stage. In the native painting that we collect: Li Meishu, Yang Sanlang etc..; And Taiwanese native contemporary painters: Liang Yifen, Chiu Yatsai.

Possible someone will ask: “Can’t the Chinese contemporary art and Taiwanese native elder generation painting conflict?" The answer is: Can not. In 21 centuries, no matter a Chinese contemporary art or Taiwanese native elder generation painting, the Ming Art embraces a fondness for toward the art on the balance point, and provides the audience different style to appreciate an experience; Also continue to introduce to have already developed a potential and have the contemporary art work of the particular. In Taiwan, China, and the whole world, all will have our footprint!

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Tue - Sun 10am - 6pm  Closed on Mon


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