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Guang Bin CAI biography | artworks | events

Born in Heilongjiang, China
Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts(now the China Academy of Fine Arts), Hangzhou, China

Selected Exhibitions
“The First Art Exhibition Of New Ink Pictures (ink and color on paper)” , Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Gallery, Shanghai of China,
“Ink And Emotion” Invitation Exhibition, The art gallery at Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing of China
“The Contemporary Era. Pen And Ink” Art Invitation Exhibition of Ink Pictures (ink and color on paper), Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai of China
“Today and Mainland” Painting Exhibition, Daku Gallery, Shanghai of China
“Pictures of Famous Painters”, Xuhui Art Gallery, Shanghai of China
Fantasy and Realism”, The Art Gallery of the DDM Warehouse, Shanghai of China
“The twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Grass-grass Group” The Haishangshan Art center, Shanghai of China
“The invitation Exhibition of Linfengmian's Art investigation”, Chinese Painting Institute Of Shanghai
Exploring And Personality-The Painting Exhibition of the Linfengmian's art research institute”, Chinese Painting Institute Of Shanghai
The Third Excellent Works' Exhibition of Chinese Painting Institute”, The Art Gallery of Zhengzhou and The Chinese Art Gallery, Zhengzhou and Beijing of China
The Shanghai Art Exhibition”, The art gallery of Shanghai, and gaining the Shenroujian's art fund award, Shanghai of China
The Sixty Vision literature Exhibition”, The Today Art Gallery, Beijing of China
《 Painting Publication 》 “ The Artist Invitation Exhibition”, The art gallery of the art institute of Nanjing, Shenxueren art gallery, Nanjing of China
“Uncommon Pen and Ink” The Artist Invitation Exhibition of the Chinese Contemporary Era's water and Ink Picture, Bejing Art Gallery
“The Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai and Beijing's Chinese traditional Painting Exhibition”, The Art Gallery Of Shanghai
“Unforgotten memory” The Annual Exhibition of the Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai, The Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai
“City and Peasant” The Chinese Ink (ink and color on paper) Art Invitation Exhibition of the moment, The Liuhaisu Art Gallery, Shanghai of China
“The twenty-first Century Chinese Artists' Works Itinerant Exhibition”, The Chongming Island, Shanhai of China
The Annual Exhibition of the Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai”, The Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai
“The Seventeen Chinese artists'Itinerant Exhibition”, Hebei Art Gallery, Shijiazhuang of China
“The Dream of Dragon” The Chinese Modern Art Exhibition, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin of Ireland
The Chinese Young Painter's Exhibition” The Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai
Wangjinsong and Caiguangbing's Modern Ink( ink and color on paper)Art Exhibition”, The Beijing Zijinxuan Art Gallery, The Beijing of China,
Aspiration And Anxiety”—The Modern Real-life Person on Ink Picture, The Shanghai Art Gallery, The Shanghai of China
The Collecting Exhibition for reputed contemporary Ink and Color artists from Japan and China, Japanese National Museum
Spring Salon of Shanghai, Nomination Art Exhibition for Contemporary Ink and Color of China, the New Expo Center of Shanghai
The Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Ink and Color for the 30th Founding Anniversary of Jiangsu Art Magazine, Jiangsu Art Museum,
The 2nd Invited Exhibition for Contemporary Art of Shanghai, the East Bank Art Museum of Shanghai
Participate in The 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition. The special prize of Shanghai District, Shanghai Art Museum
The Six Artists' United Exhibition for New Ink and Color of China, Space Art Center of Shanghai
Dot Radiation and Penetrating----Visual Expression from Ink and Paper”, Nomination Exhibition of China for contemporary Ink and Color Art , Malaysian National Art Museum,
The Art Scene in China, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai
Berlin Asia & Pacific Art Festival - the E-Plan of Ink Painting, International Artworks Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
The Second Guangzhou Bi-Annual Exhibition of Chinese Paintings, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangdong Province, China
The Evolution of the Chinese City - Comprehensive Art Exhibition, Philadelphia Art Center, Pennsylvania, USA
The Annual Exhibition of Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
The horizontal Line of the Sea, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
The Choice of Eclecticism, Tai Kang Art Museum, Shanghai
Exploration & Individuality, Lin Fengmian Art Research Association, Shanghai
Harbin - Kwangju Contemporary Art Exhibition, Kwangju Contemporary Art Museum, Korea
Self - examination of the Century & the Vision of China, University of Chicago Art Museum, Illinois, USA


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