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Wire Tuazon Solo Exhibition
by Marella Gallery
Location: Marella Gallery
Artist(s): Wire TUAZON
Date: 14 Sep - 14 Oct 2010

Primo Marella Beijing is proud to present “Wire Tuazon Solo Show”, the first solo exhibition of Wire Tuazon in China.

Wire Tuazon is one of today’s most prominent representatives of Philippine contemporary art.  He was born in 1973 in Angono. He is one of the founders of “Surrounded by Water” one of the most interesting and innovative alternative art movement of the Nineties.

In Tuazon big paintings the representation seems stuck in a timeless dimension. The scene takes place in a dream athmosphere where time seems to be suspended. The artist places a big writing on the image painted on the canvas, a sentence which has the function of misleading the look and the mind of the viewer. The text impressed upon the painting is always in contraddiction with the work’s title and has apparently no relation with it. This discrepancy between words and images upsets the viewer and obliges to reconsider the value of sign and symbols, all-changing and therefore deceptive. The poetry of the oneiric images, the crude evocative force of the truisms and the ambiguity of the title, these three elements converge on the canvas, shoking and puzzling the wiever.

In the works of this solo show, Wire Tuazon abandons the social issues that are his habitual source of inspiration and turns his attention toward the inside, toward the dream and the unconscious.  Ethereal bodies float in the air, almost dissolve and became part of it. The characters represented in his paintings close their eyes, dream while levitating, and give themselves up to the delicate caress of water and air. Using refined oneiric visions, Tuazon brings us in his inner world, he subverts the order of things, forcing us to question the reality itself, to deny it and reinvent it. The loss of every reference obliges us to create new ones and to question ourselves about their value. From confusion originates the need for an introspective research, and the inner world is where Tuazon brings us. During this journey is possible to get lost, to find our self again, to reinvent our self.

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